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A Sampling of Services

Internet Marketing
Assist in the understanding and use of Social Media and other forms of Internet Marketing.

Customer Service
Sometimes we lose becuase we have developed poor customer service habits. We can monitor your business and give advice on how to give better sustomer service to those who are communicating with you. Office Energy Saving
Perform a simple office energy office and offer suggestions on ways to save energy in and around the office

Technology Planning and Implementation
New and expanding businesses may not have the time or the experience to put together a technology plan. We can advise you on what items you need to fulfill your business mission and manage the installation for you.

Create Request for Proposals and/or Perform Project Management 
When purchasing and installing new technology equipment vendors will be using a Project Manager.  This Project Manager answers to the vendors even though they may appear to be assisting you.  You need to also have a Project Manager that is only looking out for your needs and requirements.  One single project could and usually does have many Project Managers, all who utimately answer to their company.

Invoice Auditing
Technology invoices, especially monthly invoices from telecommunications carriers, often have errors. Errors could be as simple as an added on charge, or a service that is still being billed, long after a request for disconnect.  

We can monitor invoices and perform inventory management to ensure that all charges are correct as well as make recomendations on those services.

Technology Inventory Control
We can gather inventory information on all technology related equipment and services so you will know what you have.  Bu using this information a business can develop a Technology Plan. We can also assist in developing the Technology Plan.

Assist in creating an Electronic Use or Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Every business should have an Electionic Use Policy or a Technology Acceptable Use Policy in place.  This will help at the employees as well as the managers understand the correct usage of the office technology.

Explain confusing terms
There are terms and other acronyms that are confusing. Many times sales groups sell on buzzwords. We explain in terms you can understand and let you know what you need.

Assist in understanding Cell Phones and plans

Cell phones have become a way of life for businesses, but are you spending more than required? We can help you understand cellphone plans.

These are just a few of the services that we can provide.

Our first Consultation up to 1 hour is at no cost to you.

Our consulting fees are $50 per hour  for businesses
and $25 per hour for non-profit organizations and individuals.

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