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Businesses use and rely upon their technology everyday.  All modern offices have desk telephones, cellular phones and other office machines such as computers, printers and copiers.  These are just the obvious technology.

With technology being such a critical element of business, every business in the 21st century needs a Technology Manager.  It's just as important as an accountant and other contract services. 

E-S Technology Consulting can be your Technology Manager. Whether you need one for a few hours per month, to do invoice auditing, or for a project that lasts throughout the year, a program can be developed that fits your needs.

What is a Technology Manager?
A Technology Manager is one who understands and works with technology, able to decipher the jargon and develop strategies that will allow technology to fit best within the business. A Technology Manager can then take those ideas and contact vendors to implement those strategies. 

Based on MD's Eastern Shore
Eastern Shore Businesses

We are proud to be the Technical Advisors to the ShoreToBeFun.com, publishers of Web sites devoted to delivering information about the Delmarva Peninsula and the Shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Internet Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, or some other Social Media.

Businesses have been doing Social Media marketing since marketing began.  

Word of mouth marketing is a form of Social Media Marketing and it's agreed that this is the best (and at times the worst) form of advertising.

We can help you understand and use Social Media marketing as part of your advertising campaign.


Our first Consultation (up to 1 hour)
 is always at no cost to you.

While we consider Maryland's Eastern Shore as our main area, we will consider work anywhere on the Delmarva Peninsula.

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